iOS Books

The following books and articles have been useful to me on my journey toward iOS mastery.

The inspiration for the Erica/Alexis project
Programming in Obj-C Where to start if you’re new to programming. This book assumes no prior knowledge of any language, and walks you through many fundamental Computer Science topics as it teaches you the basics of Objective-C.
Apple’s Official iPhone Application Programming Guide There’s really no substititue for reading the official documentation from Apple. Here’s where to start.
Memory Management Programming Guide for Cocoa You’ve got to master memory management, and here’s where to start.
Quartz 2D Programming Guide Apple’s comprehensive document on how to draw graphics to the screen.
Not specific to iOS or Objective-C, but a fundamental software design concept: Test Driven Development (TDD). If you’ve never encountered it before, learn it here from Kent Beck, the creator of both TDD and Extreme Programming.

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