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   –Images from Popular Mechanics, Business Innovation Factory, the Majora Carter Group, United Nations Radio and The Engineer Guy “Best Of” lists for 2010 are usually disappointing. They are filled with people you already know, rehash stories you’ve already read. I wanted to compile a list of eleven people you may NOT have heard of, but […]

The week of October 4th, I felt that the dueling cover stories of Time Out NY vs NY Magazine were the most succinct representation yet of the two demographics the magazines cater to. What young people want is sex. What old people want, especially old people with money want, is power.

Tabatha and I are headed to Burning Man in less than five days. One of the things she’s looking forward to is seeing the Temple. One of the things she’s worried about is seeing the Temple burn.

This urge to want to bottle experiences up and revisit them forever is one that is familiar to all of us: it’s commodification and consumerism at its finest.

I’m now in my second week of indie development, and staying on schedule has proved elusive. I can get immersed in many, many things. It may be positive like getting into a work groove. Or it may be, um, distracting, like getting hooked on a new game like Fruit Ninja or an oldie-but-goodie like Zynga’s […]

And it sucks and needs months of editing to make it coherent–but you know what?  I DON’T CARE!  I did it and that’s a hell of lot more than I’ve ever done in the past, ever. THANKS BE to, without whose inspiring and challenging deadline, I would have continue to just think about doing […]

I am FLOORED by the Bloomberg platform, and thrilled to finally have a terminal to call my own.  There are two particularly impressive areas: (1) the customer service Bloomberg provides to users of its terminal, and (2) the platform itself, in areas like my portable, “Bloomberg Anywhere” card that reads my finger print and logs […]

Boombox 2.0


Everywhere you look, there are signs of the flagging economy: the newspaper headlines, the panicked TV anchors, the layoffs, CASH FOR GOLD on the superbowl ads. But at least on the NYC subway, we seem to be seeing upgrades.  Or hearing them. I was passing the time reading, when I heard a BLARE of music.  […]

I hadn’t even seen the dark waters of the Hudson river in early morning light, but I was already thinking about what it would be like to drown in it. It the 2005 NYC Triathlon, and like everyone else who’s faced a swim in an open body of water at their first triathlon, I was […]

There’s something about walking into the New York Road Runner’s office at Fred Lebow Place (better known as 89th street between 5th and Madison). The crowds of people picking up their race bibs or filling out the race waivers don’t bother me like the crowds on the subway, even as they squeeze past me or […]

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