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So you may have heard the recent rumor that Ballmer is supposed to take up 7 minutes onstage at WWDC. I’ve spent the morning asking myself what this could mean. If VS 2010 supports developing iPhone/iPad apps, what dose that mean in terms of language? Will VS 2010 support Objective-C? Or will C# compile into […]

Through the course of my progress through the iPhone Developer’s Cookbook, one thing is becoming increasingly clear to me: I did not understand fundamentals of Objective-C. I really thought that my foundations in java, C#, and even C (thank you, Operating Systems with Jason Nieh) was enough.  I breezed through lists of the differences, read […]

Taking inspiration from the free Physical Computing lecture over at the 3rd Ward, my friend Elizabeth Fuller and her Life Dress, and from Tabs and all her unending enthusiasm, I have started playing around with Arduino. And now, I have my first blinky program! I ordered my starter kit from hacktronics, but have been following […]

I wrote this entire blog on my iPad. It took twice the time to get it on the web as it took me to write it, and edit all images, in Pages on the iPad. No headphones? Really? The lack of headphones seems unnecessarily cheap, and very un-Apple. I mean, they gave us free water […]

I’m on page 58 of the second edition of Erica Sadun’s “iPhone Developer’s Cookbook,” and here are the most important lessons I’ve learned so far: Zombies! What’s inside that XIB? The Clear Log Button Zombies! Did you know that, by default, your XCode project is NOT enabled to catch Zombies?  And by zombies, I mean […]

I recently picked up the Second Edition of Erica Sadun’s “The iPhone Developer’s Cookbook,” that focuses on the iPhone 3.0 SDK. Now, admittedly, a third edition is now required given that the iPad comes along with SDK 3.2. However, I still feel that completing all 163 recipes outlined in Sadun’s book will bring me from […]

I’ve written a guest blog over at Technostraddle on the recent iPad announcement, and why you should be very, very excited: The iPad App Revolution: A Look at the Card Up Apple’s Sleeve

The first stop in my whirlwind tour of SF’s scene was to visit my good friend iceman. We were partners in the Operating Systems class back in the day.  We worked like dogs in the appropriately named “Mudd” computer lab, hacking the Linux kernel well into the night. And when you’re sleep deprived and writing […]

Here are the notes I took from my first NYC Drupal Meetup.  I highly recommend the group.  I learned an enormous amount, I got to see the legendary Earl Miles, and the space where it’s held is nothing short of breathtaking (think Hudson River views + floor to ceiling windows).     Drupal NYC Meetup 5/13/09     Speakers: […]

Drupal is consistently blowing me away with its vast and eager community.  Now, in my quest to understand Drupal Theming, I have discovered an easy and powerful tool made by the folks over at PSD2CSS.  It’s a free service that allows you to upload a PSD file, and download a zip file containing a new […]

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