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You’ve probably noticed the “View Summary” link on certain tweets: Clicking it opens up a nice preview of the linked content, often with an image. These previews are generated by setting up what the Twitter API calls a “Twitter Card.” I wanted to set this up for, which uses Tumblr, but runs on a […]

I wrote a guest blog on HTML5’s Drag & Drop for It’s a very simple example that builds a little Scrum Planning Board using a bit of CSS and the new Drag & Drop API. You can view the sample code up on github.

I always declare instance variables to go along with my synthesized properties, so I can see them in the debugger. Is there another way to debug synthesized properties?

There are a couple of things that I had trouble with while using a boolean with Core Data. The first was how to update this attribute, and the second was how to properly test against it.

How do you ensure that your changes stick when using CoreAnimations explicit animations? By (1) changing the model first and (2) making sure your animation sets BOTH the fromValue and toValue.

I was seeing a very strange description for an NSMutableArray object in XCode.  Instead of viewing the array’s count, as I expected, I was seeing some garbled message that said {(int)[$VAR count]} objects: A quick google search pointed me to a conversation about this on stackoverflow. The key point in that link is this, made […]

The Erica/Alexis project is going quite well, despite my lack of new posts about it. I have a number of drafts in the queue, but for now, I give you visual evidence of the progress I’ve been making. Yes, I really love mini post-it notes:

I’m on page 58 of the second edition of Erica Sadun’s “iPhone Developer’s Cookbook,” and here are the most important lessons I’ve learned so far: Zombies! What’s inside that XIB? The Clear Log Button Zombies! Did you know that, by default, your XCode project is NOT enabled to catch Zombies?  And by zombies, I mean […]

I recently picked up the Second Edition of Erica Sadun’s “The iPhone Developer’s Cookbook,” that focuses on the iPhone 3.0 SDK. Now, admittedly, a third edition is now required given that the iPad comes along with SDK 3.2. However, I still feel that completing all 163 recipes outlined in Sadun’s book will bring me from […]

Here are the notes I took from my first NYC Drupal Meetup.  I highly recommend the group.  I learned an enormous amount, I got to see the legendary Earl Miles, and the space where it’s held is nothing short of breathtaking (think Hudson River views + floor to ceiling windows).     Drupal NYC Meetup 5/13/09     Speakers: […]

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