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I’ve heard it said that when you’re feeling a little burned out, you should read a radical book. Yesterday, I took to twitter to ask for recommendations for radical books, using the hashtag #RecommendARadicalBook. What followed was an embarrassment of riches, one that continues into today as people continue to make wonderful recommendations on the […]

For an upcoming post on Because Finance is Boring, I compiled the following tables comparing two Wall Street regulators budgets, employees, number of Dodd-Frank rules completed, budget requests, and enforcement actions. CFTC vs SEC: Rules Finalized, # Employees, Budget Dodd-Frank Rules Finalized (as of March 2014) # Full Time Employees (FY 2013) FY 2013 Budget […]

Today, I was on the Up with Chris Hayes show to discuss the comments made by President Obama and Governor Romney about Dodd-Frank in the first president debates. There is much to say on this topic, more than can fit even into a long-form program like Up with Chris, so I wanted to present some […]

I have been anxiously awaiting the public release of Chris Hayes’ book “Twilight of the Elites” (available at Powells, Amazon) for some time now, because this is a book that leaves one yearning for conversation, dialogue and, yes, debate, about its content. So for the tl;dr crowd, let me begin by saying this was a […]

I was on the UP with Chris Hayes Show today and I talked about the Swaps Execution Facilities Clarification Act (HR 2586), and why I thought it was problematic. Executive summary: it rolls back part of Dodd-Frank that aims to make the derivatives market more transparent. The Short Version A good summary of the problems […]

UPDATE: Unfortunately the JOBS Act passed the Senate, albiet with important amendments to the Crowdfunding section that added in important disclosures, and then the amended version passed the House. It awaits Obama’s signature. I am updating this post to reflect the problems that still remain with this bill, but to also explain the problems that […]

I’ve always enjoyed a good diet Pepsi but I usually find myself ordering Diet Coke out of habit. I received an email the other day from the American Family Association that has made me into a complete + total Pepsi Evangelist. The American Family Association is one of those wingnut conservative groups that spends a […]

I continue to be perplexed by the extreme popularity of Rachel Maddow.  Yes, she is intelligent.  Yes, she is snarky and sarcastic.  Yes, she is funny.  Yes, she is bringing new visibility to the lesbian community, which is always wonderful for me in a deeply personal way.  But people seem to think that she is […]

The numbers are in, and they are striking. Fifty-five percent of registered New York City voters got out there on election day and voted. The highest voter participation rate was in Staten Island (aka Richmond County). The largest absolute number of voters were in Brooklyn. And the highest percentage of support for Barack Obama came […]

The recent reports of the vitriolic McCain-Palin rallies were scaring me. McCain and Palin have been stirring up angry mobs of citizens, who have reacted with the now infamous “Terrorist!” and “Kill him!” shouts, apparently directed at Barack Obama. But after reading the Washington Post’s article “Anger Is Crowd’s Overarching Emotion at McCain Rally“, it […]

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