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I’ve heard it said that when you’re feeling a little burned out, you should read a radical book. Yesterday, I took to twitter to ask for recommendations for radical books, using the hashtag #RecommendARadicalBook. What followed was an embarrassment of riches, one that continues into today as people continue to make wonderful recommendations on the […]

Cross-posted with permission from Because Finance Is Boring. Yesterday marked the 50th anniversary of Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty. Many on the Left are using this opportunity to bring new life to a much-aligned idea: that there is a role for government in fighting poverty. On the Right, LBJ’s War on Poverty drew criticism from […]

It took me seven years to learn about Wall Street what Federico Garcia Lorca gleaned simply by witnessing the 1929 Market crash. An excerpt from a lecture he gave at Columbia University in October 1929: The truly savage and frenetic part of New York…the terrible, cold, cruel part, is Wall Street. Rivers of gold flow […]

   –Images from Popular Mechanics, Business Innovation Factory, the Majora Carter Group, United Nations Radio and The Engineer Guy “Best Of” lists for 2010 are usually disappointing. They are filled with people you already know, rehash stories you’ve already read. I wanted to compile a list of eleven people you may NOT have heard of, but […]

From hundreds of meters away you can see it. The temple that glows orange from its center. Its spires twisting and spiking into the night sky, against the brown and red mountains made dark with the loss of sun. The outline made possible by the fires that shoot up from the center of a giant […]

When I was an undergraduate, one of the most popular classes was one taught by Professor Kenneth Jackson: The History of the City of New York. Some came because they heard good things about it; other because they were fascinated by the Burns documentary in which Professor Jackson appears. My personal fascination was a bit […]

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