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I have to wonder if there’s another Dumpling War brewing. There’s a coffee truck that stations itself, each and every day, a few hundred meters away from my office on Wall Street. It’s bright orange, it blasts music from within the truck, their logo looks like a splash of coffee, and they make an OK […]

The Whitney Museum is currently featuring a video projection/film by Sadie Benning entilted “Pause Play.”  You enter a large, darkened room with others standing, some sitting, against the walls.  If you brave the dark open space you may be rewarded with an empty, square ottoman to sit on. The projection is a series of drawings […]

UPDATE!  See the end of this post for a coupon from the Seamlessweb folks One of the best things about my first job in finance was that if you stayed after 7:30PM, you could order up to $25 worth of food from seamlessweb on the company’s dime. I began using it from home as well, […]

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