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I was on the UP with Chris Hayes Show today and I talked about the Swaps Execution Facilities Clarification Act (HR 2586), and why I thought it was problematic. Executive summary: it rolls back part of Dodd-Frank that aims to make the derivatives market more transparent. The Short Version A good summary of the problems […]

I am in the midst of a trial of the TradeStation platform.  It is a wonderful system that allows you to quickly develop your own trading strategies, and then backtest them against historical data.  TradeStation will then create a Performance Report that shows you everything from your win/loss ratio to your Equity performance graph (showing […]

I am FLOORED by the Bloomberg platform, and thrilled to finally have a terminal to call my own.  There are two particularly impressive areas: (1) the customer service Bloomberg provides to users of its terminal, and (2) the platform itself, in areas like my portable, “Bloomberg Anywhere” card that reads my finger print and logs […]

Most of us can understand at an emotional level how people were feeling about the markets in September:  many of us were, for starters, incredibly nervous about the fate of financials. Lehman Brothers had declared bankruptcy Merrill Lynch was bought by Bank of America There were only two investment banks left in the United States! […]

I saw this incredible song, “Bye, bye Lehman Brothers and I” to be sung to Don Mclean’s American Pie on FT’s alphaville — but it was missing several verses. I thought I’d finish it up: Helter skelter in the banking sector The 40th floor needs parachutes and ejectors We’re eight miles high and falling fast […]

When I was an undergraduate, one of the most popular classes was one taught by Professor Kenneth Jackson: The History of the City of New York. Some came because they heard good things about it; other because they were fascinated by the Burns documentary in which Professor Jackson appears. My personal fascination was a bit […]

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