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In case you haven’t seen the gloriously inept advertisement an organization called “NOM” or “National Organization for Marriage” has put out, go immediately and watch it here: wanted to do a parody that did several things: Played on the words and concepts of the ad Made the world’s unsexiest commercial kinda sexy Included a healthy […]

I continue to be perplexed by the extreme popularity of Rachel Maddow.  Yes, she is intelligent.  Yes, she is snarky and sarcastic.  Yes, she is funny.  Yes, she is bringing new visibility to the lesbian community, which is always wonderful for me in a deeply personal way.  But people seem to think that she is […]

Lady Gaga’s The Fame: I recently read an interview conducted with Lady Gaga, a young artist whose visual sampling reminds me of the best of early Madonna.  In her videos, she samples everyone from David Bowie and Grace Jones, to Madonna to Paris Hilton, to a scene from Bertolucci’s The Conformist.  She tours and works […]

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