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I was seeing a very strange description for an NSMutableArray object in XCode.  Instead of viewing the array’s count, as I expected, I was seeing some garbled message that said {(int)[$VAR count]} objects: A quick google search pointed me to a conversation about this on stackoverflow. The key point in that link is this, made […]

In the course of doing recipes for the Erica/Alexis project, I have learned that there are several things I need to be sure to do before modifying any of the base templates Apple provides. 1. Remember to add the app delegate string to main When starting a new project, I am often faced with a […]

The Erica/Alexis project is going quite well, despite my lack of new posts about it. I have a number of drafts in the queue, but for now, I give you visual evidence of the progress I’ve been making. Yes, I really love mini post-it notes:

Through the course of my progress through the iPhone Developer’s Cookbook, one thing is becoming increasingly clear to me: I did not understand fundamentals of Objective-C. I really thought that my foundations in java, C#, and even C (thank you, Operating Systems with Jason Nieh) was enough.  I breezed through lists of the differences, read […]

I’m on page 58 of the second edition of Erica Sadun’s “iPhone Developer’s Cookbook,” and here are the most important lessons I’ve learned so far: Zombies! What’s inside that XIB? The Clear Log Button Zombies! Did you know that, by default, your XCode project is NOT enabled to catch Zombies?  And by zombies, I mean […]

I recently picked up the Second Edition of Erica Sadun’s “The iPhone Developer’s Cookbook,” that focuses on the iPhone 3.0 SDK. Now, admittedly, a third edition is now required given that the iPad comes along with SDK 3.2. However, I still feel that completing all 163 recipes outlined in Sadun’s book will bring me from […]

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