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My life after Wall Street is still very much a work in progress. But since we are coming up on the sixth month mark, I thought I would at least compile a top TWELVE list of things I no longer do/things that are different. I completely stopped reading dealbreaker I MAY look at where the […]

I have been reading slowly through Apple’s excellent Core Data tutorial, and I noticed something funny–about $$$$ MONEY $$$$$! In their Fetching Events example, they are querying salary data for employees. Now, this is a made-up example, but I thought it was interesting to look at the numbers. In Apple’s fake example, the male employee, […]

I saw a number of hand-drawn, colorful signs posted throughout my neighborhood in Brooklyn yesterday. The signs were advertising a Yard Sale happening today. There was something very catching, very “sticky,” very AWESOME about these signs:

Taking inspiration from the free Physical Computing lecture over at the 3rd Ward, my friend Elizabeth Fuller and her Life Dress, and from Tabs and all her unending enthusiasm, I have started playing around with Arduino. And now, I have my first blinky program! I ordered my starter kit from hacktronics, but have been following […]

I have to wonder if there’s another Dumpling War brewing. There’s a coffee truck that stations itself, each and every day, a few hundred meters away from my office on Wall Street. It’s bright orange, it blasts music from within the truck, their logo looks like a splash of coffee, and they make an OK […]

I wrote a guest blog over at on A Woman’s-Eye View of WWDC. Check it out!

The first stop in my whirlwind tour of SF’s scene was to visit my good friend iceman. We were partners in the Operating Systems class back in the day.  We worked like dogs in the appropriately named “Mudd” computer lab, hacking the Linux kernel well into the night. And when you’re sleep deprived and writing […]

In case you haven’t seen the gloriously inept advertisement an organization called “NOM” or “National Organization for Marriage” has put out, go immediately and watch it here: wanted to do a parody that did several things: Played on the words and concepts of the ad Made the world’s unsexiest commercial kinda sexy Included a healthy […]

I continue to be perplexed by the extreme popularity of Rachel Maddow.  Yes, she is intelligent.  Yes, she is snarky and sarcastic.  Yes, she is funny.  Yes, she is bringing new visibility to the lesbian community, which is always wonderful for me in a deeply personal way.  But people seem to think that she is […]

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