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I’ve heard it said that when you’re feeling a little burned out, you should read a radical book. Yesterday, I took to twitter to ask for recommendations for radical books, using the hashtag #RecommendARadicalBook. What followed was an embarrassment of riches, one that continues into today as people continue to make wonderful recommendations on the […]

Yesterday, I was treated to the amazing article “Startup America needs to look more like America: The Minority Led Startup Gap” by Kalimah Priforce. But Kalimah didn’t stop with the article. Instead, he took to twitter, where he issued a challenge, and was met with a few challenges back, from serial-entrepreneur Jason Calacanis: Let’s sidestep […]

   –Images from Popular Mechanics, Business Innovation Factory, the Majora Carter Group, United Nations Radio and The Engineer Guy “Best Of” lists for 2010 are usually disappointing. They are filled with people you already know, rehash stories you’ve already read. I wanted to compile a list of eleven people you may NOT have heard of, but […]

One of the things I learned at Burning Man, thanks to the Burners Without Borders camp, is that BP has been using two kinds of Corexit, a dispersant that is BANNED IN THE UNITED KINGDOM, to dissolve the oil in the Gulf. So not only is British Petroleum fucking up the Gulf, they are fucking […]

And it sucks and needs months of editing to make it coherent–but you know what?  I DON’T CARE!  I did it and that’s a hell of lot more than I’ve ever done in the past, ever. THANKS BE to, without whose inspiring and challenging deadline, I would have continue to just think about doing […]

I’ve always enjoyed a good diet Pepsi but I usually find myself ordering Diet Coke out of habit. I received an email the other day from the American Family Association that has made me into a complete + total Pepsi Evangelist. The American Family Association is one of those wingnut conservative groups that spends a […]

I am in the midst of a trial of the TradeStation platform.  It is a wonderful system that allows you to quickly develop your own trading strategies, and then backtest them against historical data.  TradeStation will then create a Performance Report that shows you everything from your win/loss ratio to your Equity performance graph (showing […]

I hadn’t even seen the dark waters of the Hudson river in early morning light, but I was already thinking about what it would be like to drown in it. It the 2005 NYC Triathlon, and like everyone else who’s faced a swim in an open body of water at their first triathlon, I was […]

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