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Peter Greenaway is a filmmaker, an artist, and a firebrand. He is known for his fierce views on modern cinema. He has said that “most people are visually illiterate” and that “Our educational system teaches us to value text over image. And that is one of the reasons we have such an impoverished cinema.” — […]

One of the greatest ways I’ve ever found to understand how an artist crafted a masterpiece is to try and re-create it. Think of the self-made engineers who teach themselves by disassembling and reassembling computers, radios, cars and contraptions. It is a similar process, but instead of taking apart physical objects, you are deconstructing lines, shapes, colors, negative spaces, perspective and ratios with pencil, with brushstrokes, with small studies and rough drafts, and above all, with your EYES.

From hundreds of meters away you can see it. The temple that glows orange from its center. Its spires twisting and spiking into the night sky, against the brown and red mountains made dark with the loss of sun. The outline made possible by the fires that shoot up from the center of a giant […]

And it sucks and needs months of editing to make it coherent–but you know what?  I DON’T CARE!  I did it and that’s a hell of lot more than I’ve ever done in the past, ever. THANKS BE to, without whose inspiring and challenging deadline, I would have continue to just think about doing […]

The Whitney Museum is currently featuring a video projection/film by Sadie Benning entilted “Pause Play.”  You enter a large, darkened room with others standing, some sitting, against the walls.  If you brave the dark open space you may be rewarded with an empty, square ottoman to sit on. The projection is a series of drawings […]

Drupal is consistently blowing me away with its vast and eager community.  Now, in my quest to understand Drupal Theming, I have discovered an easy and powerful tool made by the folks over at PSD2CSS.  It’s a free service that allows you to upload a PSD file, and download a zip file containing a new […]

Lady Gaga’s The Fame: I recently read an interview conducted with Lady Gaga, a young artist whose visual sampling reminds me of the best of early Madonna.  In her videos, she samples everyone from David Bowie and Grace Jones, to Madonna to Paris Hilton, to a scene from Bertolucci’s The Conformist.  She tours and works […]

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