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How do you ensure that your changes stick when using CoreAnimations explicit animations? By (1) changing the model first and (2) making sure your animation sets BOTH the fromValue and toValue.

I have been reading slowly through Apple’s excellent Core Data tutorial, and I noticed something funny–about $$$$ MONEY $$$$$! In their Fetching Events example, they are querying salary data for employees. Now, this is a made-up example, but I thought it was interesting to look at the numbers. In Apple’s fake example, the male employee, […]

I am hard at work on a vlog of my WWDC experience, including mini-interviews with six wonderful women from WWDC. In the meantime, here are two pictures from our group photo. For the record, this is nowhere NEAR all the women at the conference. Just the most women we could rally together on short notice:

So you may have heard the recent rumor that Ballmer is supposed to take up 7 minutes onstage at WWDC. I’ve spent the morning asking myself what this could mean. If VS 2010 supports developing iPhone/iPad apps, what dose that mean in terms of language? Will VS 2010 support Objective-C? Or will C# compile into […]

Through the course of my progress through the iPhone Developer’s Cookbook, one thing is becoming increasingly clear to me: I did not understand fundamentals of Objective-C. I really thought that my foundations in java, C#, and even C (thank you, Operating Systems with Jason Nieh) was enough.  I breezed through lists of the differences, read […]

I wrote this entire blog on my iPad. It took twice the time to get it on the web as it took me to write it, and edit all images, in Pages on the iPad. No headphones? Really? The lack of headphones seems unnecessarily cheap, and very un-Apple. I mean, they gave us free water […]

I’m on page 58 of the second edition of Erica Sadun’s “iPhone Developer’s Cookbook,” and here are the most important lessons I’ve learned so far: Zombies! What’s inside that XIB? The Clear Log Button Zombies! Did you know that, by default, your XCode project is NOT enabled to catch Zombies?  And by zombies, I mean […]

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