I’ve heard it said that when you’re feeling a little burned out, you should read a radical book. Yesterday, I took to twitter to ask for recommendations for radical books, using the hashtag #RecommendARadicalBook. What followed was an embarrassment of riches, one that continues into today as people continue to make wonderful recommendations on the hashtag.

I have attempted to compile the suggestions, and note the twitter handle of the person(s) who recommended the book. I have listed those works available for free online first, followed by those in print. When links to places to buy books were provided (or, where I felt compelled to look them up myself), they are listed.

Since I cannot hope to maintain this as the list continues to grow, I have duplicated this on a wiki, and would welcome those who wish to, to continue to add to it: http://recommendaradicalbook.wikia.com.

So here’s to a summer of radical reading. Because, as Milena Bereket pointed out, “#CONTEXT (which u wont find on CNN & co!) is everything!”

Happy Reading!

Recommendations Available Online:

Recommendations Available in Print:

Out of Print Recommendations:

  • HISTORIA DE UN DEICIDIO: a conversation btween Vargas Llosa & García Marquez @blogdiva

Resources for Radical Reading Online (& Off):

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