Each week in the mail, I get a copy of Time Out New York and a copy of New York Magazine.

The week of October 4th, I felt that the dueling cover stories were the most succinct representation yet of the two demographics the magazines cater to:

In other words, what young people (who, for you non-NYers, are the primary audience of Time Out NY) want is sex. Lots of sex. Debauchery and sex and hearing about sex and reading about weird sex. What old people want, especially old people with money (again, this is the main audience of NY Mag) want, is power. They want to know who is in power in their area and who has power in other areas. They want to read about power grabs and struggles and triumphs.

I know the predictable, utterly unexciting refrain that the olds will say: you have power, you can get all the sex you want.


But do you know what I find most disconcerting about this?

Guess which magazine I spent the most time reading? Word by word?

I really am about to turn thirty.

2 Responses to “Young people want SEX. Old people want POWER.”  

  1. 1 spanelo

    great cover vs cover battle. NYMag is leagues above TONY though, you can’t even read the latter cover to cover. NYM’s last issue on the Best Everything (Book, Film, TV, etc) was killer! Inventive, whimsical, ponderous

  2. 2 nycdesigner

    Great post for oxymoronic relationships like mine. My wife is 53 and reads TONY, Cosmo, TeenVogue, etc. to stay hip to trends and fashion. I’m 45 and would read the New Yorker if my ADD allowed me to sit still for that long. I’ll read the NYT on my iPad/iPhone until the paywall goes up ;-(

    Women always have the power of sex in a committed relationship, and that’s what you learn after you turn 30 ;-)

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