I have been reading slowly through Apple’s excellent Core Data tutorial, and I noticed something funny–about $$$$ MONEY $$$$$!

In their Fetching Events example, they are querying salary data for employees. Now, this is a made-up example, but I thought it was interesting to look at the numbers. In Apple’s fake example, the male employee, Fred, makes the largest salary: $97,000. The second-highest goes to Juli, with $90,000. And bringing up the rear, is Tanya, who makes even less: $56,000.

Now, yes, this is a made-up example. And yes, there are only three made-up employees at that. But I found it interesting that even in a made-up example, the male employee made the most. I wonder if this says anything about salaries at Apple. Is this the subtle work of a disgruntled technical documentation writer? Is this a subconscious reflection of society as it is? WHO IS THIS FRED, ANYWAY?! TANYA, YOU NEED TO ASK FOR A RAISE!

The next time I write some technical documentation, my made-up employees with made-up salaries are going to read:

Employee Salary
Ursula Ellis-Cooper $235,000
John Smith $49,000

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    why do you pay so much attention to this?  It was just a made up example. It could have been a coincidence. You’re just being biased because you’ve felt discriminated against in the workforce.

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