Taking inspiration from the free Physical Computing lecture over at the 3rd Ward, my friend Elizabeth Fuller and her Life Dress, and from Tabs and all her unending enthusiasm, I have started playing around with Arduino. And now, I have my first blinky program!

I ordered my starter kit from hacktronics, but have been following this tutorial from sparkfun. There are a few gotchas, but the commenters have caught most of them. The ones that tripped me up, in case you’d like to try this yourself, were:

  1. Where’s the sketch and library folders with Arduino 018 on Mac OSX?
  2. Answer: Your Documents/Arduino folder is where your projects should live; create your own folder called /libraries to store 3rd party libraries.

  3. Why can’t it find LED.h?
  4. Answer: Sparkfun’s Run_Project_1.cpp included a reference to ../LED/LED.h, but the place where you put arduino libraries has changed, so changing it to #include LED.h does the trick)

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  1. 1 Elizabeth Fuller


    I just confirmed that you can buy physical computing materials at the NYU computer store (not to be confused with the book store). It’s a nice place to grab a few things to try out. They ask if you have a student card but it doesn’t matter for the ITP supplies.

    You can also buy materials from Radio Shack but really don’t try to ask for help from the staff, they tend to be as bad as Best Buy employees trying to sell you monster cables.

    While SparkFun is a great place to start, once you start wanting very specific parts, check out Digikey and Mouser.

    Finally, lot’s of tutorials at the ITP physical computing website:

  2. 2 am

    Thanks for the inspiration and the tips! Which building is the NYU computer store in?

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