I wrote this entire blog on my iPad. It took twice the time to get it on the web as it took me to write it, and edit all images, in Pages on the iPad.

No headphones? Really?
The lack of headphones seems unnecessarily cheap, and very un-Apple. I mean, they gave us free water and free Starbucks in the line to get this thing, but no headphones with your iPad? LAME.

Ipad keyboard

It feels a little awkward not to have the tactile response. The keyboard also feels a little bit cramped. I am definitely not spreading my fingers out as much as I normally do on a real keyboard. I am, however, doing my best to type as i do on a normal keyboard (not looking at the keys, left fingers placed on ASDF).

Inconsistency with iPhone

One thing that’s great about the iphone is that the “Go” button is colored blue, which makes it trivial to spot. I find myself missing the “Go” button on the ipad because it’d colored the same as all the other buttons.

Auto-complete also seems different. On the iPhone, typically i see more auto-completes of apostrophes than I’ve seen so far. The letter “i” all by itself, for example, is not auto-corrected to “I.” I also notice that i’m not seeing apostrophe auto-complete as often as i do on the iphone. This is very cumbersome because of the key layout on the keyboard.

One thing that i hate about the iphone that id consistent here, is that you have to enable caps lock. Really Apple? Really? With the way bloggers and kids OVERUSE CAPS AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY, you think they’d get that one right.

Key Layout

One thing that’s really awkward about typing on this thing is that the apostrophe and the ´┐╝double quote are not accessible from the main screen. You have to hit the .?123 button to get there. This is the same as the iPhone, but the way you type on ipad makes this harder. On the iPhone, most people type with their thumbs. The .?123 button is in the bottom left of the iPad, which is awkward to hit with your pinky. I find myself pausing, then using my left forefinger to hit it.

The home button is the same size as on the iPhone, which immediately feels “too small.”


I can also feel myself hunching over this device. My neck is bent at an odd angle and my back is hunched to type. This is going to be bad for my back, i can tell. I am sitting with the ipad in my lap at the moment. I’ve also tried sitting in a chair with my feet on the chair, and resting the ipad against my knees. This is much better but I still feel a slight strain in my neck.


My battery is already down to 89%, from 100%, after about 50 minutes of use. Down to 85% after 75 minutes of use.

WordPress Blogging
WordPress has homework to do before this is seamless. I had to use a horrific combination of the WordPress ipad app and an online session via safari to get this blog up. Major bugs in WordPress ipad app so far:
– select/copy/paste is really buggy. Sometimes it works. Mostly, it doesn’t. It’s so inconsistent that i first i didn’t even think it was supported!
– images. it places them at the bottom of the post. Because copy/paste is so buggy, i had to go to my browser instance of word press to pain-stakingly copy/paste my image code. Which was slow because moving up and down within a post in word press in safari is very slow.
– no formatting. You have to use html tags.

The scrolling in the wordpress ipad app, however, is very nice.

What is uniquely amazing

Rotating. Now i understand why Jobs even mentioned it. It is so smooth, and just flows ´┐╝so naturally. You’ll just have to try this one yourself.

Manipulating images with your fingers. Pages inline image editing is Amazing! It’s so nice to be able to move images around with your fingers! That is the first thing that feels really “Different.” Moving and reshaping an image with your fingers feels incredibly natural. You cam actually ROTATE your photos just by twisting them! It is the most NATURAL thing you can imagine! Too bad you can’t edit photos like this in the Photos app.

The size. It seems so obvious, but the minute you lay your hands on one of these things, picking up the iphone feels so meager, so inadequate. I find myself thinking, “Oh, look at the baby iPhone!” as i use it as a mobile camera to snap shots of my fingers on this keyboard. The iphone really feels like a munchkin in comparison.

With all the faults of the keyboard and my neck cramping, i hold firm that this device will change the way we use technology. But that will have to wait a bit, while the developers can create the apps that will do so. It all comes down to TOUCH.

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  1. 1 Mikolaj Habryn

    I have a similar hunching-over problem with my Vaio P Series – the screen is small enough that I have to keep the font size small to put enough text on screen; but with text that size, any natural position for it is simply too far away. We need an ergonomic revolution – or folding screens.

  2. 2 am

    Maybe that should be our Burning Man contribution. ErgonomiCamp.

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