I recently picked up the Second Edition of Erica Sadun’s “The iPhone Developer’s Cookbook,” that focuses on the iPhone 3.0 SDK.

Now, admittedly, a third edition is now required given that the iPad comes along with SDK 3.2. However, I still feel that completing all 163 recipes outlined in Sadun’s book will bring me from iPhone development amateur to iPhone development expert–and give me a leg up in understanding the next version of the SDK.

So, my goal is to get through all 163 recipes over the remaining 347 days left this year.

Thanks to Julie & Julia for the inspiration on this one.

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  1. 1 Andrea Bledsoe

    Very cool, let me know how it goes and I’ll pass along your comments to Erica.

    Andrea Bledsoe, Publicist
    Pearson Education

  2. 2 am

    I definitely will! And I’ll be posting updates here as well.

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