afa-will-starveI’ve always enjoyed a good diet Pepsi but I usually find myself ordering Diet Coke out of habit.

I received an email the other day from the American Family Association that has made me into a complete + total Pepsi Evangelist.

The American Family Association is one of those wingnut conservative groups that spends a lot of money fighting gay marriage.  I signed up out of simple curiosity, and out of a desire to get to know, and try to understand, the opposition, and people that frown on me and my life.

picture-31So the latest thing that’s gotten their panties all in a wad is Pepsi.  Now the AFA seems to think that because Pepsi does the following things, they are the pinnacle of all evil and must be STOPPED:

  1. Asks their employees to take diversity training courses
  2. Advertises in magazines like OUT
  3. Gives money to charities like the Human Rights Campaign
  4. Is a sponsor of the NYC Gay Pride Parade

Now, the HILARIOUS thing about all of this, is the AFA is asking people to boycott Pepsi. But if the above is their criteria, I got some news for them. They can’t just stop at Pepsi. Here is a list of just a SAMPLING of the companies that not only received 100% on last year’s HRC Corporate Equality Index, all of whom fit the bill based on the bullet points above (except perhaps for the parade sponsorship), but were also rated a “Best Place to Work” for LGBT employees:

And that’s just a partial list of the Food category!  They also can’t buy camera or develop film (Eastman Kodak Co.), own a computer (Intel Corp., Microsoft Corp., Apple Inc., International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) , Hewlett-Packard Co., Dell Inc.), have a good calculator (Texas Instruments Inc.), ever fly in a plane (Boeing Co.) or pretty much do anything, EVER.

So back to Pepsi for a moment.

It’s really too good to summarize, so I’ll just walk you through the entire, glorious thing. Here’s the intro:

For those of you dying to see these “semi-pornographic” pictures from Out magazine, filled with “page after page of” men in “nude and semi-nude” and “suggestive positions,” . . . so distracting, all this sexy talk, except, oh wait that’s right BAN GAY MARRIAGE!!


afa-takeactionBelieve it or not, it doesn’t stop there.  These people actually have a FACEBOOK group up, that
30,199 people have signed up for.

And they have also thrown up the lovely, which features really fun videos of gay pride that for some reason they think is like pouring acid on your eyes and eating barbed wire.

I kind of have an itch to start up  Anyone with me?

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  1. 1 Victoria

    That was all very amusing in a “Oh dear, how pathetic” way until I learned that they have *30,000+* people on their facebook group. AUGHHHH!

    Stuff like this just makes me want to move to SF and never leave.

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