UPDATE!  See the end of this post for a coupon from the Seamlessweb folks

One of the best things about my first job in finance was that if you stayed after 7:30PM, you could order up to $25 worth of food from seamlessweb on the company’s dime.

I began using it from home as well, enabling my already bad stay-at-home inclinations.  Yes, it’s New York and yes, you couldn’t hit every restaurant even if you went to a new one for every meal, but what outsiders don’t realize is that New Yorkers spend almost their entire LIVES eating out.

New Yorkers have Breakfast on the go, Lunch outside the office somewhere, and Dinner with friends, dates and colleagues.  All of this adds up to a constant stream of restaurant visits.  After so much eating on the go, ordering in  starts to have a certain charm about it.  It’s irregular, it’s a treat, it’s deliciously isolating. It’s a nice break from our typical frenetic and highly social pace.  It has exactly as much charm, in fact, as . . . eating out does for those in the ‘burbs.

bk_rest.pngSo when I moved out of Manhattan to the greener Brooklyn, I didn’t expect any breaks in my occassional Seamlessweb routine.  I was wrong.  Accessible from my apartment in Ft Greene Brooklyn, there were ZERO restaurants on Seamless web.

Happily, when I checked again several weeks ago, this had changed.  Now, I have a choice of four.  Two BBQ places (I don’t eat meat), one Mediterraean place around the corner, and one called Vegetarian Palace.  JACKPOT.

So far, I’ve had and loved their (100% vegetarian) Crispy Nuggets, Orange Tangerine Beef and Hawaii Chicken.  I didn’t enjoy the Hoisin Roll (a promising-looking egg roll that was tragicly mushy and sour inside) or the Peking Rib Salad.

Here’s hoping more restaurants in my neighborhood follow suit soon.  Because sometimes, when you’re taking that much needed break from EVERYONE, you just don’t want to have to talk on the phone to order in.

And as promised, here is a coupon offer from the friendly folks at Seamlessweb, good for you first order:

20% off your first order

Discount code:  m42fjsdof91b

Expiration: 6/26/2009

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