The recent reports of the vitriolic McCain-Palin rallies were scaring me. McCain and Palin have been stirring up angry mobs of citizens, who have reacted with the now infamous “Terrorist!” and “Kill him!” shouts, apparently directed at Barack Obama.

But after reading the Washington Post’s article “Anger Is Crowd’s Overarching Emotion at McCain Rally“, it occurred to me that this is perhaps less about hate than it is about defeat, and the republicans slowly coming to terms with that.

Let us recall the Kübler-Ross model, developed by Dr. Elizabeth Kübler-Ross of Switzerland, and elaborated on in her book “On Death and Dying.”  This model can be applied to any form of catastrophic personal loss.

The five stages outlined in the Grief Cycle are becoming readily apparent in the behavior of member of the Republican Party as election day approaches. This revelation both relieved and encouraged me.  I wanted to share this with others, which is why I put together the below youtube video.

The description of the clips from the credits are here.The links to most clips I used are listed below.  There are also links to some that did not make the final cut, but were considered.  Go crazy:

  1. Denial:
  2. Sept 5 RNC We will win this election

  3. Anger:
  4. Anger and racism at Palin rally in Henderson, NV
    Palin talks about Ayers
    penn mccain supporters
    hussein obama
    Cindy McCain
    Racist Effigy
    I’m Mad! I’m really mad!
    anger at wisconsin rally
    “obama half breed muslin” sign
    ohio christians against muslims sign

  5. Bargaining:
  6. “I want to see a fight!”
    We are in shock!
    “I will fight, but we will be respectful” “BOOO!”
    Palin rally in Iowa — Obama will take away your money
    If only I’d knocked on five more doors

  7. Depression:
  8. Williams and Todd respond to McCain/Palin interview
    Hardball talks to Margaret Carlson about McCain burning bridges

  9. Acceptance:
  10. McCain burns GOP bridges
    Hitchens for Obama on FOX
    republicans for obama

20 generals endorse obama
retired generals for obama

obama and family
obama escalator
barack michelle hug
obama troops
funny baby pic
with supporters
excited kid
texas for obama

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